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Types of Bets and Payouts

It’s a huge thrill to feel as though we’re really part of the Kentucky Derby as a bettor, especially claiming your cash because you’ve chosen backed the winning horse. However, for most of us, it’s simply unrealistic to go to Louisville, so betting on the web is the best option.

Betting Options

If you’re a Kentucky Derby newbie, you can choose from three types of bets, whether you plan to bet online or on-site:


This is pretty simple – your chosen horse should win before you get paid.


To win this type of bet, your horse should finish either first or second.


This bet calls for your horse to finish in the top 3 for you to win.

How Payouts Are Determined

The payouts you get depend not only on the amount of in the pot, but also on how difficult it is for you to win. Obviously, you receive the most as a Show bettors, and the least as a Win bettors.

Raising the Stakes

For a bit more zing to your Kentucky Derby betting experience, you can try something different. Perhaps you really like how two or more horses but you don’t want to pick one. If so, go for an EXACTA bet. This type of bet essentially predicts which horses will finish Number 1 and Number 2, and if you get it right, you can get a huge payout. If you’re doubtful you can make a good prediction, try boxing your bet and raising your chances of winning. The price is double, however, but whichever of the two horses you picked may finish Number 1 or Number 2. If you trust yourself completely in terms of making predictions, a TRIFECTA is worth a try. This time, you have to pick which horses you think will end up in the top 3. Finally, you can go all the way with a SUPERFECTA, which requires forecasting which horses will win first, second, third and fourth.

Picking a Bet

You need not be a professional handicapper to bet in the Kentucky Derby. But definitely, the bigger your knowledge of the event, the more you can manipulate the results of your game. If you’re a non-professional handicapper looking for big money, don’t get intimidated by those who are placing large bets. . This is a game and you’re not supposed to kill yourself over it. Have fun with it and be wise as possible with your bets, relying on what your knowledge tells you.
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