A Simple Plan:

Tips on Selling a Home with Solar Panels.

There is nothing easy about selling a home and when ours is a little different, with solar panels, this can be a little overwhelming. There is a chance that you will get so many negative comments including that no one wants a home with the solar panels or even people that have no idea why you chose to install them and they are not to be believed. Here is how you go about that.

While a normal house will just need staging and turning over to the real estate agent, one with panels will need you to be really prepared. There will be questions from the buyers, the appraisers, insurance companies and the realtors that are not familiar with the solar panels. You should be ready with all the relevant paperwork and a notebook too, so you have all the answers that they many need. They need to feel confident about the homes and that will happen when you answer all the questions well including the why, whether it is that you, like the ECO Roof & Solar, know solar power are an affordable safe and clean renewable energy choice or any other reason that you may have. The solar system contracts and your financing are the other two things that you are supposed to understand too.

When you get to choosing a real estate agent, you dont just pick any because your home is different. You need a real estate agent that deals or have dealt with a home with the solar panels before, because this way you will be sure that they know all there is to know about the panels, and how to stage the inside to offset the panels too. You need an agent that can educate the appraiser too so that they can actually estimate the right value. The binder or the paperwork that you had at the beginning will come in handy here because the realtors and the buyers love details, which you should give them and that includes anything and everything about the solar panels.

You should also include the utility bills records to show that the solar panels made enough electricity for your home and that they actually saved for you, and other financial incentives that they will get for owning a home with the panels. More than the details, the love upgrades and your solar panels are one, which means that they should be marketed as such. In the past the solar panels means that you are going off the grid and this is not the case anymore, there are people out there that actually are looking for homes with these and you can definitely sell if you put your best foot forward.