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Creating Harmony with all Generations at the Work

There is a significant number of people joining the workforce from the generation Z which makes up the largest generation to begin employment in modern time . We have a small number of people over sixty going into retirement. This places the human resource department on a tight spot especially when it comes to managing the largely diverse workforce. The baby boomer generation makes up the upper-level management for many organizations, they have done well to adopt mobile technology but they are still yet to master some skills like typing. Its all about evening the scale between the tech-savvy but socially deficient generation Z with the socially fit but tech deficient boomers.

At the workplace and any other environment it can be difficult to accomplish much without generalization of the generations. Taking note of everyone for the generbecomeare becomes difficult. Many people tend to associate generation with age but it has to do more with the historical experience. Baby Boomers are associated with the free love revolution and it was the time when the computer and the internet became mainstream. The Baby Boomers bought technology for their children but the thing is they had no time to learn it. One unique thing about this generation is that they value loyalty deeply.

After the free love revolution the boomers would go down in history as one of the most hardworking generation. The baby boomers will be more motivated with visible productivity, they prefer to work with more hands-on analog technology than the digital one. Boomers that appear to be uncomfortable with technology can be made productive with a ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) that converts paper technology into digital one. It can be hard to predict what a future generation will do in the workplace. The generation Z will be looked at as the anti-social and the connected group but thanks to their parents they have desire for mentorship.

This is the generation that is eager to learn and understand what is going on around them. To make them fit in the workplace its advisable to bring in a mentor from the millennial or generation X. They do well at the workplace and will bring in the knowledge that you wish you had some time back. You will know a generation X from the can-do attitude and their charisma. This generation is also known to be an early adopter of new technology and trends which betrays the fact that they did not grow around much of that. Millennial are not easily understood by other generations in the workplace especially on the metrics of work, with freedom and mobility they will outdo other generations fast and read more now.