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How to Know you need a New Roof

There are some signs that you can see and realize that you need a new roof. You will know that you need a new roof when you see moisture on your interior walls. Moisture on your roof causes it discolor and this causes brown stains. Peeling of paint may also be an indicator that there is moisture on the roof. This moisture is usually caused by leaks on the roof. You may also decide to get a new rood if your roof is too old. When it comes to energy efficiency, an old can waste a lot of your money. You need to know how old your roof in this case.

You should consider getting a new roof if your roof has been destroyed by harsh weather conditions. Severe storms and hurricanes are some of these harsh weather conditions. If there is a major storm in your area, you should contact professional roofing contractors. He will help you understand if your roof is damaged in any way. Another sign that shows you need a new roof is if it has mold and rotting areas. A roof that is rotting is never in a good condition. Air poles will start spreading in your home because mold cannot stay outside your home. Anyone that is in your home can face respiratory issues because of this.

You will know that you need a new roof if your shingles are not flat. The shingles are supposed to be flat so that they can keep moisture and other elements out of your own home. Shingles that are curling or loosened are not able to do their jobs properly. Another sign that shows that you need a new roof is if you find granules showing up from nowhere. Granules are very useful when it comes to reducing the damage caused by UV rays. Shingles also make your roof to be fire resistant. The moment the start protruding, you should know that they are not doing their job and your roof needs to be replaced. You can go ahead and have your shingles repaired, but they keep appearing, you will need to get a new roof.

You can also know you need a new roof in a case where your deck looks bad. Failure of the deck of your roof to work may cause you serious issues. This is because the deck is the one that provides support to your roof. Your roof is not safe anymore when the deck starts to wear out. You should go ahead and call a roofing company if your roof is having any issues. A professional roofer will be able to fix all these issues with your roof.