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Useful online Math Resources for Parents

Being a parent with learning kids is a blessing and comes with all sorts of challenges. Challenges various from social to academics. Perilous challenges are the academics one. Helping your kids with homework that you cant comprehend is difficult. Math concepts have been improved and modified over the years as a result the math you did could be different from what your kids are doing currently. That should not disturb you because there exist many online sites where you can get tutor and learn together with your son how to solve various math problems. The good thing is that they are simplified and easy to understand. You can attempt the following online math resource for parents.

K-5 Math Teaching Resources is first on the list. It is difficult to make your kids do their homework. K-5 Math Teaching Resource is the solution to this problem as it hides math problem in fun games. The site is divide into data, measurement, geometry and number sense. Your kid is able to multitask that is gaming and learn math problems simultaneously. This site is very useful to difficult second grade math word problems

Doctor Genius is the second site. This site is mainly for kids in kindergarten to sixth grade. But that does not mean that parents are left out. As a parent you can set various tricky levels for you kids to test their understanding and monitor their progress. Short videos similar to those of tutors are offered by Learn Zillion. Both the kid and parent to view the video together this allow the parent to make some correction and do some deep explanations where necessary. In the event where you are not interested in hiring a tutor this site can be useful.

XtraMath is another site providing helpful online math resources for parents. The site test kids to finish timed math problems. The math problems come in form of videos and all the kids will want to do is complete since they are enjoying it. Another site that can help you as a parent to help your kids with math problems is Ms. Munafos YouTube Channel which offer videos tutors. Ms. Munafo offers tutor for students at the 4th grade. The way she lectures is just extraordinary.

NCTM is a site that caters of all ages. The site has introductory math for pre k tot. Most of the lessons that your kids learn at school are covered in this site. It is thus helpful to both parents and teachers. Another site that offers math solution is Home school Math which uses graphics to vividly explain math problems to kids. The basic at home educational resource is Khan Academy. It is resource that is not profit oriented and provides math solutions to problems to kids all over the world. All the grades are cared for in this site. The mentioned online math for parents are the best and it is in your interest as a parent to try them.