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Amazing Customer Services Stories to Make Your Day Better.

You do not necessarily need to include fancy techniques or even big discounts when it comes to making sure the customer service at your company is at a top-notch. When you keep pulling stunts for publicity, you will be distracted from what really matters. The things people remember the most are employees who have gone out of their way to show kindness and compassion. Here are some of the heartwarming stories from some clients. Customer service is there to help solve the challenges shoppers face and it was the case for an 89 years old man at Trader Joes one-off delivery service. The man was not able to buy his groceries and the daughter was trying to find a supermarket that could deliver the groceries at home. Not many supermarkets were willing to shoulder this responsibility because a storm was expected to start at any time. Trader Joes one-off delivery service is the only supermarket that took the request at no charge and the delivery was made in a record 30 minutes. If you use the social media then you may have caught the story of this one teenager in target who went looking for a tie. Target doesnt stock the clip-on ties the young man wanted for an interview. The young man was lucky enough to find Dennis Roberts, an employee at target who went ahead to demonstrate to him how to tie the regular one. He went a step further to show how a proper handshake should be done and how to answer some of the questions asked during the interviews. The teen got the job eventually.

A customer at McDonalds teared up watching an employee show compassion during customer service. At the cashiers point in a downtown McDonalds branch which was very busy, an elderly person in a wheelchair was approaching. The man needed help with something but no one around could tell how to help. The cashier gave some suggestions on what to do to offer help. He finally realized that the man wanted someone to help him cut up his food and feed him. The cashier closed down the register, donned on some gloves and helped the man with that. This is not just about the kindness of the employee but how good he is at communication. Excellent communication skills are central to good customer care.

The next story about a young boy aged 3 was received a near-death beating from his mums boyfriends. The boys grandfather was in LA and he had to go all the way to Denver to see the boy for one last time. The boys life support was about to be switched off and his organs would be used in saving other people. The mans wife explained the situation to Southwest Airline while trying to get a seat for the grandfather. The man was 12 -minutes late to the gate even after getting to the airport 2 hours in advance. However, the pilot refused to take off until he boarded.