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The Edge of Influencer Marketing Compared to Other Strategies

Visionary marketers have quickly realized the benefits and importance of leveraging influencers to their marketing campaigns. This has literally opened new means of interaction for brands and businesses. As the world today is shifting to social media, more and more consumers are looking at their fellow consumers to make an informed decision of their purchase.

Because of this, they are not just solely focused on the company itself but also, they are depending on each other and of course, to their idols, not celebrities but the influencers. These influencers consolidate huge followings on various social media platforms from YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and a whole lot more.

If you are running a business and not checking what influencer marketing is about, then you’re making a big mistake. In the next lines you are going to discover some advantages of using influencers.

Number 1. Generate sales – it is a no brainer that influencers are generating sales and that is the reason why there are so many brands are now jumping to the bandwagon. Influencers are capable of making sales within few hours right after discussing about the features of a certain product or beauty of a service. Depending on the length of campaign and following of the influencer, sales can experience a burst in a matter of weeks.

Number 2. Create good content – when it comes to content creation, influencers are kings and they pump out engaging and high quality piece of content every single time. For both brands and businesses, this is music to their ears as they can have a user generated content from a third party source that is talking about their brand.

Number 3. Building brand awareness – brand and market awareness isn’t enough, what completes the formula is influencer marketing. While the influencers are proven to generate sales and leads, the brand awareness they’re building is unmatched in comparison to conventional PR strategies. With the ecommerce space of today coupled with competitive and tight market, building boosting company’s exposure and building brand awareness is much more important.

Number 4. They’re a trusted voice – are you aware that customers are likely to have faith on the opinion given by their peers than the actual brand itself. And with this being said, your odds of becoming successful with your marketing strategy is higher when you partner with influencers.

Number 5. They have influence and authority – around 84 percent of consumers are able to come up with a decision on which product or service to purchase after reading about a service or product on blog. After all, influencers wouldn’t be called as such for nothing, they share ideas and thoughts on their websites, channels or blog.

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