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Secrets to Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd

Anyone applying for a certain job needs to write a good resume. Having a creative resume can make you stand out and get consideration. Even with all the job requirements make sure you update your resume and make it very outstanding. Due to high competition of job applications especially in the big brands, it is good to learn on how to write a creative resume. Make sure you avoid all the old fashioned Microsoft word styles so as to have a unique resume. If you do not an idea of writing a unique resume you can google and get some examples then choose the best. Tell your friends to help you come up with creative resume if they are experts. This article discusses some of the creative ideas and tips to help you write an amazing resume.

It is a wise idea to write a very short resume by compressing all the information in one page. The recruiters are always busy and if you offer a long resume they might not have enough time to write it. Most job applicants are always tempted to put all of their information on their resumes making it very long. That is why you find maybe your resume can go to up to five pages. What you can do is you can trim your information and write it in simple words and shorten all personal information, introduction and experience information into just one page. You can be considered by your recruiters because of giving them ample time in reading your resume.

You can also include your professional photo. People in the old days used to pin a photo on their resumes but nowadays the idea has been ignored. If you have a photo in a resume the recruiters can judge you and if it is a good and presentable photo you can get a job. Not all photos can be pinned on the resume but only a good and presentable one. It is not a must tip to do but if you are confident about your photo go ahead and pin it.

It is a wise idea to pop some colors in your resume especially the colors of the company brand. If you give your resume some pop colors you can make it be unique and stand out from other resumes. The common black and white colors are so common and boring but just pop some green or red and see how good looking your resume will be. It is good to search for the colors of the brand and include them in the resume. Having the companys brand colors can make you secure the job.