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Examples of Diseases and Conditions Connected to Bad Teeth

There are millions of people suffering from diseases linked to oral health. According to research, a large number of these people usually feel pain, discomfort, and can even die because of the condition. It is worth noting that health sicknesses caused by oral infections may move and affect other body parts. If you are wondering the great link which existing between bad teeth and other health problems in your body, please read this article to the end. The following are a few examples of health diseases connected to bad teeth.

One of the body illnesses linked to bad teeth is heart disease. According to studies carried out by researchers, there is a great association between periodontitis and heart diseases. It is worth noting that the numerous risk factors that the two diseases share forms the basis as to why researchers have concluded that oral diseases can cause heart attack. Further research has shown that periodontal sickness increases the likeliness of getting a heart attack. The main reason given behind this research is the flow of bacteria from the gum to other body parts through the bloodstream. What follows is inflammation as well as arterial plaque, which may result to issues with the flow of blood. Even if these claims are inconclusive, there they bear some truth as oral bacteria has been discovered in an arterial plague.

Diabetes is another example of a disease caused by oral illness. Diabetes is usually caused by low levels of insulin in the blood. Diabetes may cause the blood sugar level to rise above the required level. You are supposed to continue reading this article to the end to discover the existing relationship between these two diseases. Based on research findings by scholars, people with periodontitis have high hemoglobin HbA1C, which is linked to glucose. The high hemoglobin HbA1C levels are caused by poor glucose processing in diabetic people. Inflammation may also occur which can hinder conversion of sugar into energy in the body. These environments with high sugar levels promote the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Respiratory ailments is another example of a disease which is caused by bad health. Pneumonia, bronchitis and even COPD are examples of diseases which you may contact as a result of an oral problem. Through the process of breathing in and through the bloodstream, there are increased chances of contracting dangerous bacteria. You will breath in a lot of bacteria if you do not treat your teeth. Thus, this can lead to increased risks of respiratory conditions.

Besides, osteoporosis, reduced pregnancies in women, and dementia are examples of other diseases that result from oral health. It is advisable to ensure that you consider having proper oral hygiene to reduce the chances of contracting such diseases.