People Still Doubt My Betting Skills

To me, sports have become so predictable these days that I can predict the outcome of a game before it even happens. I don’t even have to know everything about a team, all I have to know is how many games they’ve won in the past season, and I can figure out everything that I need from the teams. My friends think I’m crazy, but I’ve shown that time and again, I can predict how the games will go. I’ve even gone to betting sites and put money on the games. They always act so shocked when I win the bets, yet they still don’t believe in my ability to predict things.

My most recent prediction was for a basketball game. In this game, one team was favored to win, and a lot of people bet money on that team, but I knew that this team wouldn’t win the game. Everyone else, including my own friends, thought I was nuts for betting on the team that no one thought would win, but I assured them that based on the previous games by each team, the team that I bet on would be the winner, and it wouldn’t even be a close game. My friends wanted in on the betting action, so they made bets too.

My friends, and everyone else who bet on that team, would later regret their choice. As they watched the game unfold, they were confident that their team would win, especially since the team had an early lead, but eventually the team that I bet on came back to tie with that team, and then they surpassed them. I swear that I could hear the collective groan of an entire city as we all watched the unlikely team play their way to victory. A lot of money was lost that day, but it wasn’t by me.